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Who Holds Your Allegiance ?





The Ironwood is currently the shared realm of the Fae and their disgraced cousins, the Elves. It is a place of extreme power, potent mystery, and neutral allegiance. For those who gain it, the Ironwood becomes what they need, amplifies their desires and gives their decisions weight; its power comes from a formless magic buried deep in the heart of an Ironwood forest. Long ago, when the Fae were too disorganized to have a society, the Elves were the sole governors of the Ironwood, but after a debilitating war with the Demon Realm in which neither side won, it lay unclaimed as the Elves scattered. When the Fae came to possess the Ironwood, their cousins were too numerous to expel, but just as disorganized as they once were themselves. This was in the time of the Dark Ages of the Human Realm, and just as the Fae copied their cousins’ control of nature, they copied the systems of rule in the human realm. The Fae Monarchy was coined, and the Ironwood was brought to heel under a medieval mindset. Little has changed in the Ironwood; most of its occupants live far longer than the kingdoms of old lasted, but the Human world surged ahead. With the era of Modern Technology, most humans live large and forget that legends ring with truth, and all about believing in Faeries, Elves, and Demons. Some, the Army of Alchemists, have not. They form under the banner of the Archmaster, and enter the Ironwood in small numbers to scout, collect intelligence, and report back. The Demon Realm is not a place the humans usually venture, even for intelligence. While being mostly modern for the Demons who live there, it’s similar to Hell for those who “visit.” Right now, a cold war wages in the shadows for its control. Elf fights human, human fights demon, demon fights fae, fae fights all. For the time being, it will not easily fall into the clutches of another army, but, with hordes of demons, lithe Elves, and an army of human Alchemists waiting in the wings, what is a cold war might become the War that Determines the Fate of Us All.


Half-breeds owe their allegiance to no one. Be one and you will eventually have to choose a side. Choose Fae, you fight for home; choose Elf, you fight for honor; choose Demon, you fight for unstoppable power; choose human, and you will fight for upper hand. One side wins, three lose.


What will you choose?